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Nepalaya Translation effectively surrenders its Devanagari flow for the natives. Translation is said to be a triumph when the nationalities behold their nationalism. With our help, Nepalese all over the world will be able to read the English language in their own usual Nepali style and clearly understand the information you want to convey.

Software Localization

Software Localization is the process of adapting a software product to the linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of a target market. Computer users throughout the world now expect their software to be in their own language, and will naturally be more interested in purchasing software that they can use in their own language.

Website Localization

You address your website as a shopping store, marketing process, label of an institution and an information board. Most people who tap or click for such resourceful information yearn for the style of speech, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation that reflect them linguistically and culturally. We shall help you in that endeavor.

Mobile Apps Localization

72.4 % of consumers (as per Common Sense Advisory) are used to online shopping. They prefer to swipe their screen in their native languages. We project mobile apps based on the three dimensions: country, language and locale. Imagine the valuable opportunities to spread your market if you choose to add Nepali language to your app.

Quality Assurance

With Nepalaya Translation, you will end up getting the best results in linguistic puzzles because we employ diligent human personnel along with computerized evaluation. Our quality assurance techniques check the every possibilities of errors in spacing, font size, font color, necessities of capitalizing or lower case, text boxes, and date and time format.

Proof Reading

Errors on the translated documents are bottlenecks in the entire translation phase. A simple inaccuracy in verb transition or sentence structure manipulates the main theme of the content. We foster on the human intervention accompanied by automated tools in revising the translation and assuring the utmost quality.

How We Work

  • Initial process is primarily spent in overviewing the script assigned by our clients. Here, we jot down the three dimensions; country, language and locale. For certain terms, plethora of glossaries are searched and researched. We shall not take any risk of unfamiliarity in the process of translation.

General Reading

  • After general reading, we translate the text keeping in mind the target audience, maintaining the fluency and the essential meaning. The translator(s) shall refer to the reference materials and glossary, if available and ensure that the central theme is constant.

Initial Translation

  • After translation, revision is a must. We check the missing spaces, punctuation, grammatical errors, writing style and formats. We even check for omission of crucial content, and misleading information due to selection of wrong words.


Why Us

It does not wait for an invitation, whether you stick out the clumsy phrases for transformation, or miss spacing or punctuation.

Nepalaya Translation constitutes autonomous and upbeat translators whom our clients can rely on solving the linguistic difficulties. We have noticed your anxiety when you desire to localize your product preferences and end up on either a machine translation tool or proofreading resistant outputs. Thus, we are the critical eye for what we translate.


We believe that translation is not furnished without refining each local element. We deploy linguists to localize the internationalization of final product and proofreaders to detect and make amendments before delivery to our clients. Advent of time has trained our translators to research the terminology through the computer aided translation (CAT) and gain informatics via internet. Our linguists can portray the character of an evaluator processing the TEP (Translation-Editing-Proofreading) disposition.

Reasonable cost

Current market is extremely extravagant and our feasible price economizes your cost in comparison to others. Third party involvement in a translation agency is inevitable. They invest their precious time in reading and reviewing what the translators have deviated. Budget is demarcated for translation as well as third party review. Nepalaya Translation provides a complete TEP package removing the requirement of involvement of a third party reviewer and provides you a decent price.

Best practices

Proficiency in both languages does not guarantee you to become a good translator. Translation is multidisciplinary, enforcing a step by step process from translating to editing to evaluating. Communicating the terms and condition of the translation task is our foremost priority. It’s a point of contact we never want to lose. Without any hype of professional jargon, we endow in the resonance and effectiveness of a serious content.


Bad translation invades the stature of an organization. For the progression of that stature, Nepalaya Translation safeguards the tarnishing possibilities from bad translation to funny attire of the linguist. Unintentional mistranslation are pinpointed abundantly in the internet. Give us your reasonable budget and we assure you the modular translation within the agreed deadlines.


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About Us

Nepalaya Translation is an eminent nuclear in moderating between Nepali and English exhibition. We behold the diligent translators in Nepal with proficiency in tackling translation complexities and developing a coherent pattern in unknown terminologies. Nepalaya Translation is careful on cultural adherence for every word it passes by. Degree of words should be honored in cultural dimension. Thus, we multiply an assessment of vague oriented words and relate them figuratively.

Our Commitment

Your requisites are our authority to delegate. We translate primarily on your expectation within the cut-off period you decide. Trust us on our earnest performance we put on, you can officially grow your business in the global market.


Our mission is to become the leading Nepali Language Service Provider. To take up such a challenge goes with honesty, good relationship and best performance. We seek to translate our experience, knowledge, skills and abilities into value for our clients.

Nepalaya Translation intends to eliminate the amateurish translation, errors on a rear view, unintentional shameful interpretation of other cultures by contributing continuous skills, capabilities and knowledge of Nepalaya Translation professionals.

Nepalaya Translation Philosophy

Reflection of originality: We do not add facts and change the cultural reference to idiotic or senseless phrases. We attempt best mindset in tallying the original document with outputs.

Peace of mind: Your peace of mind counts on our mission. Maintain your composure; we will do the rest from translation to proofreading.

Respect: We honor each word before and after translation. Valuing the cultural aspect of a particular country is our top priority. It aligns with the first philosophy of Nepalaya Translation - reflection of originality.

Continuous services: Our services do not end up after translating your necessities. We review, edit, analyze our work before releasing to the clients. Simultaneously, you can work with the same translator after the completion of particular project. We maintain a harmonious relationship for a long term.

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